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Ascania Nova - Ukrainian wild nature ancient reserve

During long centuries only eternally wide sea of feather grass, old flora and fauna, wild animals and steppe nomads lived on the expanse of Tavria land. Tavria Land is now called the Cherkassk areaOnly in 19th century here, on the Northern Sea coast  appeared German colony Ascania-Nova where one of its owners Fredrich Walts-Weinn, the great nature and animal lover created the steppe oasis – a “small paradise”, that became well-known shelter for animals all over the world. The tour to Ascania Nova opens the steppe sights, wild animals living under natural conditions which is the only home place left for them in Ukraine, and the zoo with half-free living wild animals. Only 5 more reserves of such kind exist in the world. A lot of animals and birds living in the reserve were submitted to the Red Book. Black and white swans keep on coming back each year to their old small lake home, zebraz are being hidden from cold climate is special "winter homes" where they stay untill the new spring flourishing and blossoming season in Ukraine.

Biospheric reserve Ascania Nova in Ukraine - is the old and unique scenery corner of the nature, the state Ukrainian reserve one of very few natural resources for wild animals, yet very ancient and puzzling. It is the site of steppe which the plough had never touched (once the dug out steppe is never restored). This reserve is one of the 100 great reserves and parks of the world. Museum is open-air: here you can find lonely ancient barrows, the stone Scythian women created by ancient sculptors.

The reserve borrows the area of 11 thousand of hectares; adjoins a forest park with artificial ponds and channels with different animals and birds. In steppe grows more than 400 kinds of grasses and flowers, however cereals prevail. In the end of April tulips are in blossom, then irises, hyacinths, buttercups. In May one can enjoy the visible bouquets of carnations, and chamomiles. In the summer the steppe is wrapped up in silvery smoke of a feather grass, is poured by waves from the slightest whiff of a breeze. The grey wormwood grows in holes of gophers. Park of the total area about 200 hectares essentially differs from a wild steppe zone. It consists of several parts according to the strict plan. There are about 150 kinds and forms of trees and bushes in the park. Typical plants are maple, the Crimean pine, pyramidal oaks, a juniper, an elm, a fur-tree, an ash, a white acacia and weeping willows near the water. The center of a composition of park makes a picturesque pond. In territory of reserve it is possible to meet representatives of more than 60 kinds birds. There are about 40 kinds of them in park and about 30 kinds of birds on reservoirs. There one can view the most scenery flight and pampering of white and black swans, a flamingo, cranes, grey partridges, most of all various kinds of larks. A steppe eagle is the rare visitor. Travel there and see the unique collection of animals. We highly recommend all the guests to Ascania Nova take their digital cameras for snapshots with camels, lamas, zebras and paulins

Ukraine tour to Ascania Nova


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