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The southern coast of Crimea is one of the most popular and beautiful regions, it is the largest health resort as well. It is well-known thanks to such zones as Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Gurzuf, which stretches on a narrow coastal strip at the bottom of Crimean mountains. The region is also famous for its architectural monuments, impressive caves and has a beautiful rocky coast. The distances between cities and settlements are small, it is comfortable while traveling. On the other hand, the transport service is well developed.

The season of bathing begins here in May and comes to an end in September. By the way, September is considered most favorable time. People, who prefer quite rest, come to Crimea exactly during this period. Oligarchs prefer to rest during this period too and not without a reason. At this time air gets warm up to 23-28 degrees, and water up to +20. The warm sea, shelly beaches, a favorable climate, curative dirts, mineral sources – all this favorably influence the health.

Yalta is probably, the most popular resort city in Crimea. During Soviet times a huge set of sanatoria, bases for rest, boarding houses were built. They preserved an excellent level of service up to now.  However, many new hotels were built. And they will definitely satisfy the highest inquiries.
By quantity of sunny days Yalta does not yield to Nice and other Mediterranean resorts. The soft Mediterranean climate of these places is absolutely unique – the summer is hot, but not exhausting, an autumn is rather warm and long, the winter short and mild.

In a zone of the Big Yalta there is a unique Museum of Institute of wine growing and winemaking "Magarach”, an exotic rope-way to Darsan, numerous resort suburbs. The famous Yalta quay is not so long - it is possible to pass it all for only 10 minutes. The Yalta beacon could be seen from Lenin's square.

Famous attractions within or near Yalta include:

In addition, there are many other attractions not located within the city of Yalta itself, which comprise:

Alupka was first founded as a Greek settlement. The name originates from Greek for Alepu or fox. After the Greeks, Alupka came under control of the Byzantine Empire. The first written mention of Alupka dates to 960. Later on, Alupka was controlled by the Crimean Tatars. After the Crimean campaigns, the city came into possession of Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin, governor-general of the Novorossiya Krai.
It is located in 17 km from Yalta along seacoast. An extent of beaches is about 4 km. Cases of sanatoria and apartment houses hide in city evergreen parks. The city is surrounded by the warm sea and rocks of a plateau Ai-Petri from the north.
The climate is similar to a climate of Yalta, however a little bit humid. Alupka is also a climatic resort today.
A pearl of city is well-known Vorontsovskiy palace. The palace has been constructed per 1828-1848 as the Crimean residence for the general-governor of Novorossisk - Vorontsov. He always gave to Crimea exclusively great value.
In a winter garden are collected sculptural images of family Vorontsovyh and its relatives, a copy of sculptures of antique gods and philosophers. Halls of the palace are decorated with masterpieces of the Italian, French and English painters.



Alushta  is situated on the Black Sea on the road from Gurzuf to Sudak. The city is located in 45 km from Simferopol. The climate here is defined by cool streams of air from neighboring mountains and sea breezes. Even in hot summer days here is cooler  than in Yalta. The sea is a little bit warmer due to shallows.
Alushta – is enough big city for Crimea, with a lot of hotels and bases of rest. The majority of sanatorias and bases is located in the Professorial corner in West part of Alushta.
The quay in Alushta is quite long, smoothly passing in quay of the Professorial corner. The set of hotels of a high level, small boarding houses, entertainments are located along it.
The area is notable for its rocky terrain. There are also vestiges of a Byzantine defensive tower and a 15th-century Genoese fortress. The town was called Aluston  in the Byzantine Empire, and Lusta during the Genoese rule.
For those who prefer an active rest, here is a lot to do. On the neighboring mountains begins the set of pedestrian and horse routes. There are many excursion bureaus, which can carry almost to all sights of Southern Coast.