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Travel to Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa is a city with the population of over one million inhabitants, an administrative centre of the same area. According to last population census, there are over 1 million 74 thousand inhabitants currently residing in Odessa. Together with nearby cities-satellites - Ilyichevsk and Southern - Southern Palmira forms the major industrial, transit and trading complex of the South of Ukraine. This complex combines the largest seaports, the developed versatile industry, a recreational complex, a transport, financial, tourist and social infrastructure.
Odessa - unique in the south of Ukraine a local territorial and production complex - industrial unit. The greatest relative density in structure of manufacture of an industrial output of city is occupied by the enterprises of the food-processing industry, mechanical engineering and metal working, a fuel industry, ferrous metallurgy, the industry of building materials, the chemical and petrochemical, easy and medical industry. In economy of city the leading part is played by the enterprises connected with sea business, and also the food, processing enterprises and the enterprises of light industry.
Municipal authorities invest money in housing construction, a municipal transportation, culture, municipal services, use and sale of the ground and the real estate, give priority support to those industries which manufacture is directed on satisfaction of consumer needs - public health services.
City is located on crossing of the major international ways from the Europe to Asia, from the Central and Northern Europe to the Near East. In particular, through Odessa passes the international transport corridor # 9, connecting Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
Odessa has the developed network of highways, direct affinity from the rivers Danube, Dnestr, Southern Bug and Dnepr, and also the largest seaports of region - Odessa, Illychivsk and Ugniy, and also the Odessa International Airport and a network of railway communications. Such arrangement of city creates unique preconditions for reception, processing, storage and transportation of cargoes, and also is favorable for the passenger traffic

Odessa - the Hero City of Ukraine

steak house

Deribasovskaya Steak House


Duke de Richelieu




World War 2 Odessa partisan helicopter

frozen sea

The frozen Odessa Black Sea


Odessa #411 Memorial Battery bombarda

mario pizzeria

Mario's Pizzeria - Home taste Italian restaurant

your garden

Odessa natural supermarket/gallery of plants "Your Garden" located in Arcadia

odessa fall

Odessa Fall

war target

World War 2/Civil War #411 Memorial Battery nuclear target


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