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Contact: Marco Rosati & Simone Teti
from Italy

October, 15 2009

Dear Taya,
Apologizing for the delay in our reply, we (me and Simone) would express our full satisfaction for the services offered by you and the kindness you showed during our stay in Odessa. Should we decide to come to Ukraine once again, for sure we would ask for your service once more.
Greetings from Italy,
Marco and Simone

Contact: Steve Huff
Royse City, Texas

September, 16 2009

Dear Taya,
It has been some time since I arrived home and my personal affairs have settled down and I have had time to reflect on my wonderful visit to Odessa. I need to thank you for all that you did for me. You went out of your way to be as helpfull as anyone could have hoped, and your assistances in so many ways made my vacation and visit there all the more wonderful! I want to mention the beautiful Natalie also. That girl has too much energy! No actually I wouldn't change anything about her or you!
Odessa was such a big city, and it is a city that I think could "eat you alive" without someone you can trust and depend on. The translations were perfect, the apartment was wonderful (the best bargain I had in Ukraine), and my meetings were made all the easier with the help of you two ladies. Thanks Taya! And tell Natalie I wrote to say hello and I thank her also. I hope to arrive again soon!
Did I mention how beautiful the women were in Odessa? Well never mind...
Take care!
Steve Huff

Contact: John Kautza,

September, 8 2009

Dear Taya,
Your services in helping Elena and I to get to know each other was a real help. Natasha from your services helped me understand Elena and what to expect and look for in Ukraine women. I know every person is different and we come from different background. Natasha was a big help and took her time so Elena and I could understand each other. When the conversation got to a point where didnt understand something, she was there to help us out. Even when Elena and I were alone and some problem came up, Natasha answered are question on the phone.
Thanks again,
John Kautza

Contact: Dale Mcnab,
"Lochsyde" Koraleigh Road, Tooleybuc
New South Wales, 2736
[email protected]
[email protected]

August, 16 2009

I am writing this letter to show how very greatful I am to personally know Taya. From my personal experience when in 2004, I visited Odessa Ukraine I engaged the translation services of Taya, and could see that her integrity was second to no one, her translation skills are the best I have ever seen, she is always very friendly and was more than willing to help me settle in, after my long journey from Australia. If you ever have a problem, she will always be there! To me she was like a "Second Mother" as not knowing the language was very frightening to me, but with Taya, my mind was at ease! I could certainly recommend no-one Higher than Taya as she is the best! Once you get to know this lady....... You have made a life long friend! Her Honesty,Integrity and Personality are the shining beacon in Odessa

Contact: My name is Ronald Shea. I am a California attorney, and president of Clear Gospel Ministries. I'm easily found on all search engines.

August, 14 2009

I am writing this to offer my highest recommendation for Taya Sinitskaya, and the services she provides through "Translator Apartments" in the city of Odessa. Whether you need a translator, an apartment, or you are hoping to meet a lady here in Odessa, before you arrive, it is critical that you know at least one genuinely honest and decent person here in the city of Odessa. And if you are from an English speaking country, that person is Taya! It is an advantage you cannot afford to be without! Taya has been more than simply competent, and professional. She also has been truly gracious and helpful. There is no higher recommendation that I could offer. You are invited to contact me if you wish to confirm the authenticity of this recommendation

Contact: Joseph M. Lanucha, USA http://combinenet.com

August, 23 2009

Dear Taya,
Natalia is a very good interpreter as well as attractive and charming. I enjoyed her translating for me and would highly recommend her to other clients.
Best regards,

Contact: Andrew Parry, Shropshire, Shrewsbury, the Great Britain

August, 1 2009

Hello Taisiya,
Just a quick line to thank you for your thorough and helpful service.

I am very grateful for your hard work, and I wish you success in the future.
Many thanks, and best wishes from Andrew Parry

Contact: David M., USA

June 26, 2009

Hello Taisiya, I wanted to take a second to thank you for all your help.
I was extremely impressed with your level of service and the steps you took to ensure the completion of the required task You worked well beyond what I had expected and were determined to exhaust all options to get the job done. You have thoroughly impressed me with your work ethic.

My company has employees travelling worldwide and you can be assured any travel to the Ukraine will be exclusively organized through you.
Thanks again for all you help...

Best regards,

January, 26th 2007

Hi Taisiya

I am very pleased to have met you, and I have retained you as my
translator on my last two trips to Odessa.

Taisiya is young and friendly, yet also possessing a level of maturity and
understanding that spans all ages.

She translates quickly, accurately and honestly, and I found her fun and
engaging to have as my translator.

Good luck and best wishes



Niel Esposito, Nelson, New Zealand

(E-mail address was removed due to spam attacks)




Mike Bianco




July, 26th 2007

Hi Taishia,

Just a quick note to thank you and Katia for the help she provided me as a translator during our meetings for the past two days. We got a lot accomplished. She was very professional and her translations were accurate.

Best regards,

Mike Bianco

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