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Vilkovo town - the Ukraine Venice

Vilkovo in Ukraine is a beautiful sight along with water, trees and snow-white small houses form an image of the city, which can be characterized as intimate-beautiful and magic. Here you feel as if you belong to the part of the wise world. Here you see: a beauty is a reward for heavy works. The life of city dwellers is continuously connected with water. The set of channels bear waters of Danube more close to habitation.

The rhythm of a life depends on a direction and force of a wind, a level of waters and a season - the majority living here are involved in a natural circle of time.

Danube endow city dwellers with fruits. The word “erik” (that actually means “channel” or better “narrow channel”) - not a tribute to exotic, is a part of the Vilkovchans’ life. Water gives to habitation special refinement. In the winter on “erik” people enjoy running on skates, in the spring it is full of frogs, in the summer here is expanse to children and neutral cats, who hunt on a small fish croak. When the July heat falls down over this small town located on the waters of Danube, there’s no other rescue other than water. You can also see lots of rowings there. Rowing – is a high coast, a barrier between water and the house. It is done of fertile silt in the autumn. Why? There’s quite a wise answer to it – waters can easily distract the coastal area. Therefore the trees all round the coastal area growing there is quite a decent explanation.

Along channels are located “kladki”, these are planked footway-sidewalks. They used to be wooden, they actually remain wooden now. This would be a special impression to walk barefoot on these wooden boards put altogether and making an eternally long path right to the water. They springed under legs, and brought pleasure as they had polished hand-rail. Later it had been solved that a wood is very expensive for such needs and people began to do them of concrete. But they were too fragile. Thus the tree has proved the right to refer to eternal.

Gardens are the biggest source of revenue of inhabitants, and also a source of flours and pleasures. In Odessa markets Vilkovo is famous for a strawberry and a quince, in adjoining villages - dry and easy “young” wine called “Molodok” (reaches double alcohol percentage and concentration of the standard wines). For weddings people usually buy such wine in flanks. The majority of gardens is located on islands. People travel there by boats. To cross the river each of the inhabitants run, repair and look after boats tied right to their gates of the small village houses. There’re lots of fishermen hunting for salmon and other river breeds of fish.

Let Paris surprises with originality of automobile outcomes and the parking, Vilkovo will surprise you with many boats. They can be found in city boundaries along the left coast of the Belgorodskiy channel. With motors and without them, with men, women, and teenagers in the early morning they run up on the river and by the evening returning back home.

The most developed industries in Vilkovo are:

This is the best place for those tourists who are tired of fast and stuffy life of big cities. Vilkovo is the quietest place with nice accommodations, city tours and wonderful treasury Island “Kvakenburg” with hostess Tatyana nicely receiving all guests with her funny stories, events, poems and arranging funny events. Kvakenburg leans a narrow canal with little frogs under it. This is a magic indeed and fairy place where everyone should travel to at least once in a lifetime

Vilkovo - Ukraine Venice

river path

River Path

boat way

Boat way





danube fishing

Danube fishing















turbo boat

Turbo Boat

green flora

Green flora





danube island

Danube Island

old boat

Old boat



danube canal

Danube canal



local boats

Local boats



camelia bee

Camelia bee

snow flowers

Snow flowers





entering bridge

Entering bridge

water path

Water path

back view

Back view

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