To manage our August summer tour to Skiff Land canyon fast and comfortably arranged, our group consisting of 40 people working in the Club gathered near the railway terminal at 7 a.m. The weather was promising a very hot swing and a lot of sun in the middle. In a few minutes all seats were held and us stretched along the seats and watching the early morning scenery, were driven away in a comfortable vehicle. Overall time expected of the upcoming trip was 1 h. 30 mins.

On the way out Odessa we traveled through Brezovka, Kolosovka, Veselinovo, Viktorovka, Martynovka, Pribuzhany small towns unless we reached Voznesensk. When we entered there, the wooden stylish board saying Voznesensk State Reserve” directed us to as it seemed to us green cozy village with old style huts. We went down the narrow path for about 50 meters and in a few moments more a scenery and amusing sight opened before our eyes. You may make sure it was awesome after you take a look at the picturesque photos below. The rocky mounts, green trees and waterfalls made it the most picturesque view ever. The Sun Valley was our first stopping-place where we were treated to wine and a few local vegetable growings – radish, grapes, and tomatoes and of course grilled T-bone veal was the first snack. All the participants could enjoy the nature and silence and begin our tour.

Skiff Canyon

Mather's tongue Skiff


Our guide, an educated and experienced middle-aged woman was narrating the pre-history of the Skiffs (Ukraine tribes-ancestors) origin. Heathenism was Skiffs’ denomination. With it they formed their own religion famous for human oblations, cultural ceremonies, cattle growing and of course patriarchal foundations extending over thousands of years all over in Ukraine.




An essay about human oblations in the Skiff Age
Skiffs were military tribes defending own colonial possessions and invading other lands with the purpose of increasing power. They captivated, thieved, and mastered other lands to bring something better in their own homes.
Agriculture was limited to growing cattle. Skiffs found sacrifices among captivated people. The rituals were conducted in the special sacrificial altars located in the tribe canyon where the human sacrifice was first cut off both their hands up the shoulder. The hand was dropped up and where it fell down young and old fortune-tellers could predict the future of their brothers and families in the tribe. The sacrificed bodies were burnt and buried.
The hands were skinned, went through special processing of glazing, lengthening, hardening and forming into quivers where the young warriors could put their arrows and carry their vital and the toughest weapon – the bow.

Skiff beliefs
Skiff Sorcerers
had the belief to perpetrate the yearly way with young warriors of the path where nobody knew the way through. This was the saint ceremony of the warrior spirit and was considered if the young warrior had difficulties going through the canyon, he should be careful while on the battle field. And on the contrary, if the warrior’s way was conducted perfectly, he was considered the one to return up home in health and full of life.
The canyon path was exactly the itinerary our group had to go through. Everything on our way reminded of the Skiffs History. The hearts were heavily beating and jumping, the creeps went down the body all the way.




Culture of the Skiff Tribes
The cultural value of the Skiffs was the single cuneiform chronicle that was later on compared to Sumer (the ancient Near East civilization). The chronicle narrated of the Skiff Lord who brought sad news of his son death to his people. To cope with his eternal suffering he ordered every warrior of his land to bring a single metal arrow-head and drop to his feet. The arrow-heads appeared to be so many that the lord could only manage to count how many warriors he had under his power. Later, he ordered those arrow-heads to be smelt into a large tub which still remains buried on the territory of the Skiffs’ Land.




Skiff Land nowadays
Land rich for its history is a quiet, village style place. There inhabitance is low. Most of people move to big cities nearby such as Odessa and Kiev where they can get good quality education and job. Industry and education level leaves much to be desired. People’s living there depends on:

The bottom line
On the exit out of Voznesensk Skiff Land all the participants were seated in the comfortable passenger bus and driven to the destination unknown. We found ourselves near the picturesque froggy and fishy lake with some light music and Barbequed meat, vegetables and fun company which was the last event which tired out of exhausting, yet full of positive impressions day of the tour