How to backpack in Zatoka, Ukraine for US$35 or less per day

The latest trip dated August, 17th-20th we participated in was a tour to Zatoka within the short distance of 60km to Odessa. The driving took us 40 minutes or something as we took off the civilization and found ourselves in a Soviet-like vacation base named “Micron”. The base is located right near the railway road with building infrastructure and the amusingly awesome beach.

The beach stretches along the whole sight an eye can see. Clear water, seagulls and small huts were exactly the thing a running from civilization backpacker would ever need. The base accommodates over 1000 people at a time, has the conveniences of Soviet style accommodations, entertainment with live music, bars, the canteen, billiards, disco 80s club and the chambermaid service.



The rooms located close to the beach (5-10 meters) are considered Luxury - $27 per person p/night. The double room has the amenities: TV, furniture – for clothes and a few small tables, comfortable orthopedic mattresses, European style shower and toilet, split system air conditioner, 24/7 heating and electricity. The rooms were light and clean. During our 2 day tour the electricity power was switched off twice in a period of 3-5 minutes. We thought it was okay as long as it was just a small power outage.

Standard Accommodations in “Micron”

Standard accommodations – close to the beach location on the territory of the base, price from $2 per person p/night.
The amenities include: soviet TV, linen, beds, cooker (per request), laundry (per request) and fridge (per request), electricity 24/7, water and toilet is common for neighbors (in the backyard).

Food in Micron

There are a few malls on the territory of the base where it’s easy to buy drinking water, beer, longer drinks, juice, fast food and hot drinks. The cafe produces the Ukrainian cuisine with borscht and garlic pampushkas for lovers of Ukraine meals.

Main course and second course is very cheap. For around 3 dollars it is possible to have the complete meal even for heavy eaters.

Closer to the trace there are a few nice cafes serving European food such as “Sova” (Owl), “The Rose of Winds” and “Skazka” (Fairy Tale). We chose the “Sova” restaurant. It seemed more of the modern interior and looking very decent. Each of us ordered borscht, bread, domestic made potatoes in pots, tomato juice and coffee. The dinner per person cost each of us only 6 dollars and was a real success. Some of us went on sun tanning; the others had a midday sleep.

Beach and food

The best place for rest we found out was the beach. Young boys delivering dry and smoked fish, mussels, dry calamari and crabs with cold beer could not leave us indifferent. Each beer cost us 1 USD and each big size fish cost us only 2 bucks.

We would not advice you visiting the local beach cafes, as long as there you wil spend more money for the same food.

The beach is not overcrowded compared to Odessa and has the clear advantages of:


We took a ride on the water banana which lasted 25 minutes and cost only 2 US dollars, water slides charged us for only US$1.

The surprise of the tour was the competition of sand figures. The main prize won “Mermaid” – the composition of seaweed and shells.

Amusement and attractions in Zatoka, “Micron”

We found and explored carting while various evolution attractions, water swans attraction, water slides were left for younger ones and the kids, while we enjoyed the speed and fun accidents without anyone being hurt.

Nearby we found a small open market with fresh water melons, various fruits and vegetables, domestic wine, local meat and fish.

Zatoka is recommended for backpackers seeking vacation for US$35 per day or less